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Writer: Eric Forsberg. Alien Movies.

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Jean Griff Furst Todd as Griff Feuerstein Marissa Morse Britney as Melanie Porter Patrick Thomassie Bud Jilon VanOver Thomas as Jilon Ghai Bobby James The Director Angela Landis Nurse Green Alisha Seaton Nurse Schwartz Amanda Weier Captain Helens Robert Lucchesi Staffer Maurice Butch Leonard Edit Storyline After being abducted by extra terrestrials, Jean and her friends are committed to a top secret government run mental institution to undergo tests and be brainwashed. Taglines: The war of the worlds has already begun! Edit Details Official Sites: Official site.

Some abductees report their abductions as warm, pleasant experiences with intense psychic contact. Other abductees have reported that aliens conducted scientific experiments or operations on their unwilling patients. How can these vastly different experiences be explained? After the Hill abduction, investigators collected more and more accounts, usually, though not always, elicited through hypnosis.

In most cases witnesses told of seeing a UFO or even humanoid beings, then suffering amnesia for a period of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Some witnesses claimed repeated experiences that started when they were children.

The clear implication was that UFO beings typically described in these instances as little gray humanoids with oversize heads, slanted eyes, two holes for a nose, and a slit for a mouth had a long-term interest in certain human beings. Some abductees even reported that the abductors had put small implants -- usually said to be tiny balls inserted through the nose and apparently into the brain via a long needle-inside their bodies.

In time new and even more unsettling dimensions to the abduction experience came to light. Some female abductees reported sexual experiences followed by pregnancies that would be terminated in a follow-up abduction some months later.

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Not surprisingly, such reports gave rise to furious controversy. Even many ufologists rejected them, preferring, in common with UFO skeptics, to believe "abductions" were fantasies generated by the process of hypnosis itself. Contrary to popular understanding, hypnosis is no royal road to the truth. Hypnotic subjects are in a highly suggestible state and may seek to please the hypnotist. Thus, if the hypnotist asks leading questions, the subject will be led to provide the desired answers.