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Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

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Events dieses Wochenende in Las Vegas, NV

Subscribe to our email newsletter. Next 1 of 9 The bright lights of the Vegas Strip are most dazzling at night, creating a vibrancy that extends from the streets to the bars, clubs and theaters. Omnia Located at Caesars Palace, Omnia nightclub spans 75, sq ft spread over multiple levels. And, during the summer months, weekdays at Vegas clubs are almost as packed as the weekend nights.

On industry days, the clubs are way more lenient with later arrivals.

Las Vegas Downtown Fremont Street - walk at night summer

And that goes for tickets, guest list, and bottle service reservations. Monday night is my go-to choice for industry nights. Ah, Marquee Mondays. Out of both clubs, Marquee focuses the most on actually throwing a party. Engaging waitresses are a rarity at some clubs.

And that award carries a lot of weight too because the people who voted are mostly locals who know the clubs well. Another great feature about Marquee is the attention they pay their bottle service guests. You may also have more table locations to choose from as Marquee sometimes keeps both their inside and outside spaces open for industry night. The music will be a mix of everything. So, here again, everyone should be happy at least some of the time with the music. Jewel Las Vegas is a new club which makes it insanely popular. Bottle service at Jewel offers an experience unlike the other clubs in Vegas.

For example, the bottle service tables are more in the action here. Other clubs have a lot of spacing between the tables and the dance floor. We think this is a very good thing. You still feel like a VIP, and you get to be in the party too. Jewel also has fantastic DJ talent. Many of them are in attendance on Monday nights. There are two excellent nightclub options on Tuesdays. In fact, Tuesday is one of my favorite days to go out because the party at Omnia is incredible.

Heart is known for throwing some of the wildest parties on the strip. This club beats out every nightclub on the strip for industry night eye candy. And Heart knows it too.

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The vibrant pink and purple colors and heart motif play to a feminine theme and attract women to the club like flies. Although bottle prices start at a higher amount than the other clubs, this party is worth it. View our picks for the best hip-hop clubs in Vegas. Most notable about Hyde is the bottle service presentations. If you want to feel like a real VIP, get a presentation here because all eyes will be on you.

Additionally, Hyde has the most confetti out of any club in Las Vegas. They are notorious for their confetti drops multiple times a night. Just be sure to cover your drink. A little off track here but worth mentioning.

Best Las Vegas Nightclubs - The 12 Hottest Places To Party - Thrillist

And they start earlier too. Think 6 pm for a start time, and they go all night long. Las Vegas is no different.

In Vegas, 1 OAK is a small, dark club that tends to attract a younger crowd. The nightclub even has stripper poles scattered throughout the club. Any female in attendance is welcome to dance on them. The DJs are lesser known, but the music is still good. This means that the waitresses, hosts and other service staff from the Hakkasan group properties Omnia, Hakkasan, and Jewel will be in attendance.

2. Hakkasan at MGM

If you want one of the best club experiences you can have in Vegas, you need to come here. And, at times, acrobats perform from the ceiling. Similar to 1 OAK, the club features stripper poles with dancers that entertain throughout the night too. Of the three clubs, Intrigue Nightclub is the newest. In fact, this club opened in As Intrigue is owned by Wynn, DJs are shared across their venues. From Afrojack to RL Grime the talent is untouchable.

Why Clubs Host Industry Nights

Even the Chainsmokers perform here on occasion. Thursdays are the last industry day of the week, and two clubs compete for your attention on this night: Hakkasan and Tao. But read on, there are exciting things about Tao too like an open bar and amazing bottle service prices. Hakkasan is a relatively new club.