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I've been using it for almost a year. You can do a search for "Faster E. T" where you can find diagrams,youtube videos,etc. There's even a support forum for people wanting advice while they use it. I used to feel very heavy as if I was dragging my feet but I'm a lot better because of those 2 things I do everyday.

Its a work in progress but its worth the effort. What sort of things do you do to get through a day? For me,I usually read books. I buy a lot. Some self help books like acupressure,relationships,and just books on hobbies,etc. Helps my day. Living on my own is a pain,I dont get outside help.

I have to get groceries,etc delivered.

Hiya, i am also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia aswell as a huge handful of other symptoms. Like you, I'm abit lost as to how to deal with the fatigue or anything i can do for it. I hope we both find some answers. Mine is so severe i am incapable of doing pretty much anything.

Right now im having a big flare up of symptoms so the fatigue is even worse. Im interesting in trying some of the suggestions above. Unfortunately i dont have much to offer in terms of advice but i do completely understand and empathize with how you feel. I have finally been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. I have been complaining of it for years. Doctors and specialists always put it down to my spinal fusion 14yrs ago. I have been very limited in what I can do for years now.

I can't remember when I last had a good day when I could actually think clearly without brain fog and constant neck pain. I was knocked back for the 3rd time claiming the DSP. Originally I had 20 points in In it was reduced to 15 points and only last week they rejected my claim again and added to insult by reducing my incapacity to work to 5pts. I was literally gobsmacked. My conditions have been treated over the years event though not full diagnosed. Atm, the only relief I get is trying to sleep. But that has it's drawbacks, especially with Central Sleep Apnea. It only happens to me when I have day time naps.

Possibly because I don't take sleeping pills during the day. I can't drive on the open highway or around town for more that mins either. I've lost half my hearing in one ear and am unable to wear aid as it irritates my ear. I have so many issues that Centrelink won't even recognise my Chronic Fatigue as it is recently diagnosed and not treated or stabalised in there eyes.

A real kick in the guts for me. They all say that I need to go to a psychiatrist and that my condition is depression. They didn't even forward my claim to medical professionals. So now I have go back to specialists Lung, Orthopaedic, Psychiatrist just to name a few to convince them that my conditions are permanent. It sucks.

I can't afford a CPAP let alone all my medications. I have aquaduct stenosis; which requires brain surgery to put shunts in. I've now had about 21 of them; the last one causing brain damage forgetfulness etc. I quit my job, moved to Geelong but now I find myself with no friends and I'm depressed. Life is strange I suffer cfs also.

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I'm only new to it, a few months in, so unfortunately don't have much advice. It's taken a massive toll on my relationship, to the point that I don't know if we'll last much longer. It's all too hard for my partner.

I am undiagnosed CFS, but have clear symptoms. Mostly related to cancer surgery of stomach, chemo and later diet issues with gluten, lactose, sugar and other things. Have improved my situation a lot, lost some weight, gained a good understanding of diet etc. Still wake up tired, go to sleep tired.

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Just left another of many jobs due to this condition. Am broke, and have been mostly for past 20 odd years - being chronically tired is not good for working in most jobs, as the readers would know already. I look hard for options, possible solutions to working while having this terrible illness, in 21 years never found one that really fits. Working is the only thing that will fix my financial situation, and is the one thing I cant really do. I have not obtained any treatment for this, as I know there isn't one worth looking at, other than the lifestyle changes I have already made.

I am very reluctant seeing any so called specialists, as from my very extensive contact with medical people, they will get paid no matter what advice they provide. CFS is my main driver for some depression I fight off from time to time. Life has been a real struggle, with small glimmers of hope here and there. They are the things I try to remember - birth of my kids etc.

This is my first ever post on these forums and am so glad to have finally found an online forum that deals with CFS. I think my condition has resulted from a very emotionally stressful year e. I found the resources on Emerge Australia's web site very useful as a starting point to better understand CFS and what one might be able to do.

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One of the key challenges seems to be that the 'causes' and therefore various treatments for CFS can be complex and not clear-cut. For me, it's been hard enough dealing with the physical fatigue, let alone the confusion of trying to figure out what to do, which advice to follow, etc; A friend of mine who'd worked as a naturopath said that there are many approaches to dealing with CFS, that everyone is different and therefore to try to trust one's own personal healing journey.

Again, I'm so glad that I've finally after lots of searching around web sites, making phone calls to various organisations, asking friends, my GP etc; found this online forum and just wanted to say 'hello' for now. I'm currently unable to work which is a big deal for me. I'm working with my doctor and an exercise physiologist on my CFS which is good, but am also searching for a psychologist who specialises in CFS.

I have cfs.

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Had it for years. Mine is severe it keeps me at home.

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I use acupressure everey day to help me get through the day. There are 8 pressure points you can gently rub for about 60 seconds each and do that a few times a day. I do it 2 hours before I get out of bed,when I get out of bed and again around 11am. Usually I can do most light chores around the home including making meals. You can look up pressure points or acupressure.

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I just got to herbalshop. Look up any symptom and clock on those. Look at the diagrams.