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We took this video during our For 91 Days in Istanbul and we of course we had to get pranked by one of these Turkish Ice Cream sellers. We couldn't have asked for a better ice cream seller.

The advertisment agency actually had to hire a private investigator to find the man. He didn't work at the ice cream shop anymore and they needed his permission to use the video in the advertisement.

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They showed it all over Germany mostly on Pro Sieben for a week or so. By any chance have you seen this ad? Below you can watch the original video from us:. I've just uploaded our video to D.

Tube as well, you can click on the link to watch it there if you prefer that. We had so many incredible experiences in Istanbul and we recorded them all on our Istanbul Travel Blog. We'll have to go back there soon.

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The fall of Constantinople in signaled a shift in history, and the end of the Byzantium Empire. John Freely captures the flavour of daily life as well as court ceremonial and intrigue.

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The book also includes a comprehensive gazetteer of all major monuments and museums. An in-depth study of this legendary city through its many different ages from its earliest foundation to the present day. This is the New Mosque of Istanbul. The mosque is on the Golden Horn near the Galata Bridge.

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