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Today that means providing for a fair, modern, 21st century trade agreement with a like—minded partner. Today that means approving CETA. Seconda considerazione: sembra esserci in questo Parlamento un'opinione prevalente che ritiene che questo accordo possa diventare un modello di riferimento per la prossima generazione di accordi. Io la penso diversamente e non ritengo che il CETA possa essere l'inizio di un nuovo corso. James Nicholson ECR. Canada is a country very similar to ourselves. If we cannot do a trade deal with Canada, who can we do a trade deal with?

There are many historical ties between my constituency of Northern Ireland, and Canada, and we have significant economic ties today. For instance the Canadian company Bombardier has operations in Northern Ireland and I hope that once this deal is in place it will strengthen and deepen those ties.

We all know that any trade deal is not perfect and CETA comes with positives and also negatives, we are well aware of that. When the United Kingdom eventually leaves the European Union and embarks on its own trade policy, I hope it takes a balanced approach. The government seems to believe at the moment that we can do deals quickly. I believe quick deals are bad deals for the people. Tak for ordet. Christofer Fjellner PPE. Men det handlar inte bara om Kanada. El CETA no es un acuerdo perfecto. Viviane Reding PPE. Adam Szejnfeld PPE. Fernando Ruas PPE.

Deshalb kann ich CETA nicht zustimmen. CETA ist noch nicht gut genug. Nun, was lehrt uns CETA? Was bei CETA schief gelaufen ist, darf sich nicht wiederholen! Othmar Karas PPE. Tunne Kelam PPE. Also, some time ago, Pope Francis spoke to the European Parliament of his impression of a wary and ageing Europe, reminding us of a grandmother, hesitant and defensive, but now also believing in political horror stories.

Only opening up will bring wide-ranging success and well-being to the citizens of Europe. En el mundo de hoy no se puede estar contra el comercio internacional. Es gibt auch keinen Unterschied zwischen rechten alternativen Fakten von Donald Trump und linken alternativen Fakten von der Linkspartei und anderen. Stimmen wir diesem Abkommen zu! Michael Gahler PPE. Deswegen bitte ich alle herzlich, diesem Abkommen zuzustimmen. I must say I am somewhat amazed at the alternative facts which are now in vogue in this establishment and around the world. You could say this is the age of alternative facts.

One of them, which has been flying around my Twitter feed over the last few days, says CETA will put 90 million jobs at risk. That is nearly half the jobs in the European Union and this from a country, Canada, which has only 35 million people itself. These are the facts being perpetrated and which the people out there protesting today believe. If I thought it was going to cost 90 million jobs I would be against it too. In actual fact, it is the opposite.

We are in favour of it because it is going to create jobs. It is going to create jobs in Europe, in Ireland, and that is what we want. Is this logical? Nema crnog scenarija. Kolegice i kolege, ako nismo sposobni sklopiti sporazum s jednom benignom Kanadom, onda s kim jesmo? The problem is that the person who went out and negotiated this agreement has said that she does not take her mandate from the people. What sort of a democracy is this, where we send someone out to negotiate on our behalf and she brazenly says to us that she does not take her mandate from the people?

I suppose she is being honest, unlike a lot of the other Commissioners. The great irony, though, is that the man who casts doubt on the unemployment that will be occurring actually comes from a party with a leader who is openly a liar, and I can say that because it is official.

I think it weighs heavily on the side of enterprises and investors but, having said this, I look very much forward to working with the Commissioner on the new trade agreements where this balance will be set right. I welcome, Commissioner, your suggestion on broad consultation on how to embed sustainable development in a legally binding way in the Treaties. I also believe that Parliament has to support you when you call for the Council to publish negotiation mandates at an early stage in the future, because that would be the right way to proceed from now on.

At this moment we are dealing with the CETA Agreement and let me say that, even if Canada is a very nice country and Trudeau is a very nice guy, some Canadian mining companies are not best known for their responsibility and accountability, and this may be felt even in my country, Finland. Le maschere dell'ipocrisia di quanti spacciano il CETA per un semplice e banale accordo con il ridente Canada, fondato su principi e valori comuni, una pietra miliare del commercio sostenibile. Noi portavoce del Movimento 5 Stelle abbiamo scelto da che parte stare: dalla parte di chi non vuole farsi consumare dal consumismo, dalla parte di chi difende il diritto di tutti contro il profitto di pochi, dalla parte di tre milioni e mezzo di firme di cittadini europei.

We are here discussing a trade agreement. Trade has made the European Union the biggest economy of the world. It has benefited the prosperity and welfare of Europeans. Countries are queuing up to make trade agreements with us but they are, of course, looking very carefully at what is going to happen today, whether we are a reliable partner or not. Trade globally has lifted millions and millions of people out of poverty, so trade is a good thing, but of course trade needs to be regulated in trade agreements and that is what we are discussing here today.

This is not business as usual; this is a new type of trade agreement. It has economic advantages: we are taking away tariffs, we are increasing market access, we have achieved the recognition of many important geographical indications, we are taking away red tape and this is beneficial. SMEs benefit from lower tariffs, from increased market access, from less red tape. These are not small sums for small companies, and many of them are also involved in exporting geographical indications.

We know that trade works. The trade agreement with South Korea has increased exports by impressive figures and created many jobs. This is also an agreement about values, about the right of governments to regulate, about maintaining our high standards, about labour rights, about environmental rights, about sustainable development, about reforming the old ISDS system — because it was not invented in CETA, it has existed since , it was invented in Germany. We have made them more democratic, more transparent and introduced a more ethical system.

You, here in the European Parliament, have been very active in that transformation. The President interrupted the speaker to call for less noise in the House. Actually, honourable Members of this House, for years many of you have been calling for trade agreements which include sustainable development, human rights, labour rights, environment, climate, animal rights. All this is in this unique agreement, but it does not include anything which forces any municipality, country or region to implement privatisation.

It will not lower standards, and it will not deprive the governments of their right to regulate in the interests of their citizens. Things that are forbidden on the European market today will remain forbidden, and the Joint Committee will not change anything in our legislation. That is for the EU institutions, including you, to do. We are making this agreement with Canada, and I would like to salute the presence of the Minister of International Trade, Mr Champagne, who is in the Tribune here today.

Canada is a democratic country which shares so many of our values, which is committed to the rule of law, to human rights, and which plays an important international role in defending the multilateral system. They have a strong public sector and they are committed to working with us to shape globalisation. I am not going to resume this debate until we have some semblance of order and silence because the Commissioner is responding in detail to questions raised during the debate. Please bear with us. We have two more speakers and then we vote. Commissioner, again, apologies for the interruption.

Twenty-eight governments have signed this agreement, and it has been done in transparency. The original version has been online for two and a half years. There have been 12 meetings on this with the European Parliament, nine meetings with the Committee on International Trade, three workshops, two EP delegations, and I could go on. It has not been negotiated in secret. Honourable Members will be involved in the implementation of all this, and we will work with you in order to make sure that we reform and look at how we can become better in the implementation of the sustainable development chapter.

I do respect — and that is perfectly normal — that there are different views on this. You can be in favour and you can be against. So, voting in a few minutes on the two agreements we have in front of us will enable us to take a great economic and geopolitical opportunity, deepening economic relations, affirming our social and environmental protection, showing that trade and values can go hand—in—hand, and strengthening a shared partnership.

I hope that you will vote in favour of these two agreements that will send a strong signal to our friends in Canada, and also to the rest of the world. Thank you to all of you. I would also like to agree with speakers such as Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and others who noted that, once more, the far right and the far left of this House are united against everything that is good for the European Union. If anybody is taking away jobs, if anybody is taking away the wealth of the people of Europe, if anybody is loosening the foundations of European nation states, then turn to these radicals on both sides.

I believe that we will vote today correctly to the benefit of the European Union. I would also like to say that already next week, we will have the first national parliament — that of my country, Latvia — that will ratify this agreement, and the other countries will be able to follow. I believe that this vote is the right vote for our Member States and for the European Union as a whole.

Our shared culture, democratic norms and history bind us together in a way that is unique. It is vital that the EU champions those shared values to maintain the levels of prosperity and success that we enjoy today and to stand together as strong advocates for free trade and liberal multilateralism across the globe. This is also a potential model around which the United Kingdom could base its future trade relationships with the EU post—Brexit. Fighting international crime and terrorism, tackling climate change and ensuring continued space for economic growth and job creation in an era of globalisation and technological change are all issues that cross borders, and they can only be tackled by democracies like Canada and the EU Member States working together.

As these changes take effect, it is vital that we all pull together to ensure that they work for all our citizens, and that we do not allow our economies to drift towards the simple allure of nationalism, isolationism and protectionism that can only lead to less prosperity and security for our citizens.

It has taken many years to reach today and to conclude these deals, but as we are now finally moving in this House to ratify the SPA and CETA, it is clear that this time and effort has been very well worthwhile. Written statements Rule I am not against trade deals. Scotland is a trading nation, with a long history of building valuable commercial links around the world.

I want that to continue. Although I acknowledge that changes in the CETA deal have been achieved, these improvements had been strongly resisted, and only very grudgingly given when serious democratic challenges have been mounted, such as the Wallonian opposition to the original text and the threat of resistance to ISDS in this Parliament. I find myself unconvinced that the current CETA text is the best deal available, and am very suspicious of the moves to limit debate and steamroller the deal to a conclusion, both at Westminster recently and in this Parliament where the normal committee processes have been curtailed.

Labour law standards have not been adequately safeguarded and an envisaged consultation process remains opaque in its eventual effect. The Investor Court System, while admittedly improved, will still undermine the general corporate law by developing a specific, and unnecessary, supranational court for investors. These are just some of the reasons why I will vote against giving consent at this time. Or il n'offre pas la garantie de tirer celles-ci vers le haut. Ce sont, entre autres, les raisons pour lesquelles je vote aujourd'hui contre le CETA. Romana Tomc PPE , pisno. Nevarno bi bilo, da bi se EU gospodarsko zaprla sama vase.

Credo che sia stata manifestata la posizione contraria. Ci sono stati molti che si sono espressi contro questo accordo. Il Parlamento deve essere protagonista. I think colleagues would like to join me in paying their respects to Her Majesty the Queen, especially colleagues from the Commonwealth, from Malta and from Cyprus. Per i risultati delle votazioni e altri dettagli che le riguardano: vedasi processo verbale.

Helmut Scholz, rapporteur. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to discuss the content, and I want to draw your attention in particular to the fact that we need the opening of a representation of the European Union in Mongolia to accompany the future cooperation and political, economic and cultural relationship with this important country in Asia. Ian Duncan, rapporteur.

I think we have lived through that today and yesterday and for several months. I would now like to request a mandate to refer this back to committee in order to begin interinstitutional negotiations. Charities, religious groups and many businesses support rejection of this technical standard because they are concerned about the impact of speculation on food commodity prices. Many of you will know that those spikes in food commodity prices have been linked to famine in some countries, pushing millions of people into poverty. We are asking for a very small change to tighten up rules.

National regulators will still have the power to loosen those rules if they have to, and farmers who use derivative markets to hedge their bets are accepted. Please, whatever group you are in, reject these technical standards. Markus Ferber PPE. Ich will nur darauf aufmerksam machen, dass zur Ablehnung die qualifizierte Mehrheit notwendig ist.

Vicky Ford ECR. This is a good deal. But the Canada deal is not the best template for the future relationship between the UK and Europe, as our own trade is much more sophisticated and intertwined, especially in key 21st—century economic sectors. High product standards underpinned by the mutual recognition principle is what this relationship is based on, and I hope that the UK-EU deal will be a much more advanced and future-looking partnership. Lamento que hoy ignore sus propias palabras y prefiera defender a las grandes multinacionales antes que a los propios trabajadores y trabajadoras.

La lucha sigue y no nos rendiremos. Pero no hemos perdido esta batalla, porque esto acaba de empezar. Diane James NI. Everything about trade policy is about generating jobs and protecting people; it is not about succumbing to lobbyists and to bigger principles from the big corporates. But that is what we gave away today and, in doing so, the United Kingdom may well have given away the protection that the National Health Service has enjoyed.

Indisputably, what was also sanctioned today was the investment and court system being brought into play. That is going to allow big corporates to sue governments if they want to. Is that really the future for trade policy across Europe? I do not think it is. So today a very, very disappointing decision by this Chamber. Today has been different.

Today, the European Parliament has been able to send a united strong signal to the world, a signal that we want to uphold the post-war consensus of openness and free trade. I am therefore very proud to have supported CETA today. It will open bidders for a public procurement on EU businesses, and it will also protect our environmental and social standards. Today, we have taken a good step. We should continue in that way. I come from a small open economy, and I am in favour of free trade.

Certainly in Ireland we need to trade in order to survive and thrive economically. I listened to the debate this morning and I heard people say, what about the geopolitical situation? The EU, of which I am a full supporter, is under attack from both inside and outside, and if we cannot do a deal with those decent Canadians, who can we do a deal with?

Well, all of those arguments are valid, but you cannot vote on a very detailed trade deal on your gut feelings only. You must vote on the essential elements that are in the deal. There are many elements I could comment on, but in my limited time I will mention just one, and that is the inclusion of investor courts in this deal. Yet that is precisely what we have in this agreement. And just as President Junker would not accept it, neither can I. Bruno Gollnisch NI. Il est aussi dangereux pour les services publics. Los propios diputados y diputadas a este Parlamento votando en contra de este Parlamento, votando en contra de la democracia.

La gente lo va a enterrar para siempre a su paso por los Parlamentos nacionales. Deshalb habe ich gegen CETA gestimmt. Door nu ja of nee te zeggen gaat de kans verloren om door te knokken voor een handelsakkoord dat model kan staan voor eerlijke wereldhandel. De onderhandelingen kennen nog vele open eindes.

Onder druk van onze fractie en van de samenleving is ISDS van de baan. Voor het beslechten van geschillen wordt nu gekozen voor ICS. Wij vinden dit geen perfecte oplossing, maar tegelijkertijd heeft de Commissie toegezegd door te onderhandelen om ICS om te vormen tot een internationaal publiek hof en daarmee komen ook de ruim Europese ISDS-clausules te vervallen.

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We wachten die ontwikkeling dus graag af. De PvdA wil verder dat milieu- en vakorganisaties het recht krijgen om juridisch op te treden ter bescherming van arbeids- en milieunormen. Ook hier heeft de Commissie toegezegd om samen met Canada nog voor deze zomer met een sanctiesysteem te komen dat kan omgezet worden bij schendingen van deze rechten. Ook de nationale parlementen komen nog aan bod. En dan weten we genoeg voor een definitief oordeel.

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Steven Woolfe NI. It is not one that is fair. It is not one that can be fair when the corporates were the only ones invited to make agreements in secret with the Commissioners, when investors will be able to sue freely through the new Investor Court system, and when corporations will actually be invited to make the rules. Wallonia opposed it and was bought off. Our parliaments do not have the opportunity to vote on it before it is in place. People emailed me in their thousands: they have been ignored. Demonstrators were dragged away in this Chamber: they have been ignored.

Huge corporates and wealthy bureaucrats won today. The people, democracy and trade lost. Marek Jurek ECR. It would also liberalise cross-border investment and trade in services. It would open competition for large government contracts, it would support enforcement of intellectual property rights and would facilitate mutual recognition in the extremely important services market. Beyond the merits of the agreement itself, its adoption would also signify two essential things. It would reinforce that the EU still believes in the benefits of free trade and open markets that ensured its post-war prosperity, and that it is able to regain some of the trade negotiation credibility that it lost when it decided to give up its exclusive competence over the deal.

There are several spoonfuls of tar in this barrel of honey. I voted for, because I like honey, but with a heavy heart. Avete realizzato il primo colpo di Stato silenzioso della storia. Per entrare in Parlamento questa mattina siamo tutti passati attraverso una manifestazione di centinaia di persone sdraiate davanti alle porte d'ingresso. Questa era la voce dei cittadini e non sono i primi ad opporsi al CETA. I vostri padroni saranno orgogliosi di voi e del vostro lavoro. Ma io, francamente, mi vergogno per tutti quanti voi.

I have other significant issues with CETA. What about negative listing, where we in Ireland have one of the shortest lists when it comes to extra sectors to be excluded from liberalisation. I wonder how many of our politicians were involved in drawing up our short, miserable list of just three extra exceptions.

And from an Irish perspective, the amount of beef with tariff—free access to the EU market will be very significant, and would pose significant challenges to our suckler herd. Add to that the impact of a hard Brexit with 63 million fewer consumers for tariff—free beef, and this has the potential to undermine the entire sector. Mislim da se trebamo zaista zapitati koga se to mi bojimo. Definitivno sam siguran da je slobodna trgovina unutar Europske unije, ukidanje barijera unutar Europske unije, donijela bolju ekonomsku situaciju unutar Europske unije.

El CETA pone en venta nuestra democracia. Los tribunales de arbitraje privados son un golpe al Estado de Derecho que anteponen los beneficios de las corporaciones al Derecho de los Estados. Derfor et klart JA til denne aftale i dag. Multinacionalne kompanije djeluju i u Europskoj uniji, one su sveprisutne.

Vidljivo je da su krajnja ljevica i krajnja desnica protiv ovog sporazuma. However, two weeks later, the Canadian Prime Minister was in Belgium signing the deal with the Commission. Welcome to democracy, EU style. CETA has not been designed to benefit my constituents. Instead it benefits big business and global cooperation. Ich trage als Abgeordneter aus dem Ruhrgebiet Verantwortung in einer Region, die immer noch das industrielle Herz Deutschlands ist. Wir sind stolz darauf in dieser Region, dass es immer noch einen hohen Besatz mit Industrie gibt.

This is a good review: it focuses on those industries which produce the most emissions and it has simplified the rules for smaller companies. It will give industry the incentive to modernise and innovate and will help European countries to live up to their international commitments. However, it is important that Europe remains a place in which it is attractive for industry to be located, and we must not simply export our energy-intensive sectors to other parts of the world.

The tax on our borders was not the right solution and it is good to see that part of the package rejected. I am pleased that this work has been led by a British negotiator. I wish him and the rest of the team the best of the luck at the next negotiating stage, and I hope that in a post-Brexit world, the UK and EU will continue to work together on areas of mutual interest, like this. Proto jsem hlasovala pro. Czy tego chcemy? Here today we have a policy that says we want to try and reduce emissions and bring low-carbon investments to Europe, but the law of unintended consequences is very clear, in a very small rule that you heard about in this Chamber today from Members from Poland to Ireland to Greece and now the United Kingdom: the border adjustment mechanism will simply drive jobs out of the United Kingdom and across Europe.

It is a bad law and, once again, it has been made here. We do not believe that the inclusion of the maritime sector in the ETS would be a good deal for the environment. Shipping is a sector that has a big margin of improvement in terms of reducing its emissions by pushing the transition to less carbon fossil fuels in a stronger manner, rather than starting a market-based approach again. Nevertheless, the amendments have been rejected, and therefore we voted against the report. I hope the EU will realise soon that trying to fix the ETS again will not bring any real reduction in emissions and any real investment in clean production.

A new and alternative solution could finally be debated and hopefully adopted and implemented. The sooner this happens, the better for the climate. We can see the disproportion in development between the economic and social dimension of the European Union. A big part of the social agenda was left to national states and very often these national states failed to provide adequate social protection for their citizens.

From the other side, the European Union developed free movement of people inside the EU and the result of this imbalance is that many citizens move to other EU states with higher salaries and higher social protection. Thus places have been created in the EU where population density is very low. The economy cannot develop because of the declining number of workers, taxpayers and customers, the remaining population becomes older, and in these circumstances it is very hard to maintain and develop infrastructure and attract investment.

This means the lack of prospects will push more young people to leave the country. Colleagues, we cannot move ahead without a common social policy. We have to break this taboo. Natomiast nie zawsze i nie ze wszystkim tak jest. Urszula Krupa ECR. Monika Hohlmeier, Berichterstatterin. Deshalb freue ich mich besonders, dass es gelungen ist, in dieser Richtlinie die wesentlichen Fragen der modernen und neuen internationalen Standards, die vonseiten der UN gesetzt worden sind, als auch der FATF in Fragen der Finanzierung von terroristischen Netzwerken sinnvoll einzubauen.

Auf der anderen Seite dreht es sich aber auch darum, die neuen Herausforderungen anzugehen. Es gab auch hier die Diskussion: Was bedeutet Glorifizierung? Glorifizierung — man schaue sich einfach mal die Folgen von Bataclan an, wie die Darstellung im Internet durch die Propagandamaschine des IS gewesen ist.

Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist die Terrorismusfinanzierung. Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich bei der Kollegin Monica Macovei und auch in kritischer Diskussion bei Cornelia Ernst und bei der Kollegin Joly, weil wir wirklich versucht haben, im Besonderen das Thema Verpflichtung zum Informationsaustausch festzulegen. Dies ist in dieser Richtlinie gelungen. Ebenfalls gelungen ist, dass wir eine gute Balance gefunden haben zwischen der Sicherheit auf der einen Seite, aber auch dem strikten Einhalten von Grundrechten, denn Sicherheit ohne Grundrechte geht nicht. Sicherheit dient den Grundrechten und muss sich an ihnen orientieren.

Ich glaube, dass uns hier diese Balance sehr gut gelungen ist. Julian King, Member of the Commission. Terrorism creates havoc. It takes away lives and leaves those of us who live on scarred forever. At the same time, the terrorist threat has continued to change and evolve. It is more than ever present and more indiscriminate. That is why I think we should be proud that, together, we have been able to reach this point on this very important piece of legislation. It will contribute greatly to the effective work done by law enforcement authorities and prosecutors in countering the terrorist threat, and this will contribute to making our lives safer, without compromising our values, which are the very same values that the terrorists seek to harm.

Fundamental rights are and must remain at the heart of our action. Let me highlight very briefly the main elements of the text. First, it will criminalise travel for the purposes of terrorism. Not only will it be a crime to travel from the EU to conflict zones to participate in terrorist activities but also, thanks to the support of people in this House, it will cover those coming to the EU with terrorist intent, including terrorist fighters.

Second, an efficient exchange of information is key to combating the terrorist threat. The new rules will strengthen the obligation to exchange information and will make the Member State receiving information responsible for taking appropriate action. Last, but by no means least, the new law will make a real difference for victims. It builds on existing rules, reinforcing in particular the immediate and coordinated nature of the response to victims of a terrorist attack, including legal aid and medical treatment.

It also strengthens the rights of cross-border victims, who will get help with information and referrals to relevant services. I am happy to say that this piece of legislation shows that the EU is able to act in a swift and united manner. The political agreement on the directive was reached in less than a year.

Now, we need to make sure that implementation follows with the same speed The Commission is ready to support the Member States in this task and will organise transposition workshops in the coming months. I am also glad that, later this afternoon, we are going to have the opportunity to discuss in more depth the crucial issues of information exchange and interoperability.

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The attacks on our soil were no random attacks. Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, were all targeted because these cities are the very embodiment of what Europe stands for. They were planned to strike the maximum amount of panic into all of us and designed to make us feel unsafe doing the things we always do, and living the lives that we want to live. They failed because fear did not define us, but determination did.

And with this report we are going some way in ensuring that our systems adapt to the reality under which we find ourselves and ensure that we remain one step ahead of criminals and terrorists while respecting the values we cherish in Europe. We are coming down harder on those so-called foreign fighters, EU nationals who travel to conflict zones only to return radicalised and recruit more people for their murderous cause. We are pushing forward concrete plans for better cooperation between Member States, and we come down on hate preachers or anyone who incites terrorism.

Crucially, the report also lays down provisions that will allow victims of terrorism to receive all and whatever assistance they may require. Finally, allow me to thank the rapporteur for her very excellent work in pushing this file through, and urge you all to vote in favour of the report tomorrow so that we can send the strongest possible signal to our citizens.

Troppe volte, infatti, in quest'Aula ci siamo ritrovati a discutere del fatto che un tempestivo scambio di informazioni avrebbe forse potuto prevenire drammatici attentati. La direttiva consegna poi agli Stati membri alcuni strumenti normativi finalizzati a contrastare il finanziamento del terrorismo, ma anche a spezzare il crescente rapporto di collaborazione fra gruppi criminali e formazioni terroristiche. Tuttavia, dovremmo ancora lavorare per arrivare ad una rapida approvazione di ulteriori misure che contrastino il finanziamento al terrorismo, quale ad esempio la revisione della direttiva antiriciclaggio.

Last but not least , voglio citare le disposizioni dedicate alla tutela e al sostegno delle vittime del terrorismo e sono soddisfatta dell'accordo raggiunto, che pone in capo agli Stati membri l'assistenza medica e psicologica e il sostegno legale nei confronti di chi ha subito un attacco mirato a destabilizzare uno Stato o un governo. Whereas responsibility for security lies primarily with Member States, recent terrorist attacks in Europe have shown that no country can manage on its own. We need to adapt our counterterrorism measures to this reality and add a truly European approach.

I believe that this new directive is part of our response to their demands. Giving Member States harmonised judicial tools should also facilitate their cooperation. This is key for me and my group, and we will not give up on this. I would like to thank the rapporteur, Monika Hohlmeier, the shadows, the Commissioner, his team and and the Slovak Presidency. Well done, well done. Als Terroristen hat man ihn verurteilt, weil es die ungarischen Antiterrorgesetze auch so hergeben. Nur, er ist kein Terrorist — er hat demonstriert.

Nein, ich glaube es nicht. Die Terrorismusdefinition in der Richtlinie bleibt nach wie vor verwaschen. Auch die strafrechtliche Verfolgung der Verherrlichung von Terrorismus ist ein hehres Ziel und ich kann das nachvollziehen. Aber die Anbindung an einen wirklichen Terrorakt ist viel zu schwach. Auch wir sehen das so. Wir brauchen einen komplexen Umgang damit. Meine Frage war eine andere, die es zu beantworten gilt. Ist dieser Mann ein Terrorist?

Und da sage ich: Nein. Aber die ungarischen Gesetze erlauben das, weil die Definition von Terrorismus unglaublich breit ist. Das hat, wie gesagt, der Gerichtshof auch schon mehrfach kritisiert. Est-ce cela le terrorisme? Ne soyons pas dupes. Malheureusement, cette directive contient un trop grand nombre de notions aux contours flous.

Nul besoin de criminaliser les voyages en tant que tels. There are some simple steps that we can take. First, we close our borders and we have to abandon Schengen. Unpalatable as it is in here, that is the only way to stop the spread of terrorism. Let us join Trump in banning travel from those states which are exporting hate and terrorism. We have got to build our own walls. Let us tear up the passports of those who are travelling to train as terrorists. They will not be stateless. It is not against international law. They will be citizens of ISIS.

That is what they want. At home what we can do — and I suggest you do it in your own states as well — is to increase the recruitment of the police force, the armed services, prison officers; border control is essential, as are our intelligence services. Dus zo krankzinnig is dat idee niet. Ik wil u er ook op wijzen dat als u de uitgaven voor defensie van de 28 lidstaten bekijkt, u zal constateren dat wij de helft uitgeven van Amerika met een rendement van slechts 15 procent.

Mag ik u vragen: bent u niet voor een besparing, zodat we al die middelen bundelen en de output beter is en zo onze Europese burgers beter kunnen beschermen? Janice Atkinson ENF , blue-card answer. We should be reinforcing our borders. That is the only way we can do it, and actually investing in our own border-force people and across that. And who is it who is causing all the terrorism? It is Islam. Diane Dodds NI. Successful attacks are now thankfully irregular and generally isolated.

Einfach glücklich sein!: 7 Schlüssel zur Leichtigkeit des Seins by Pierre Franckh

Nevertheless, we must maintain vigilance and remember the victims. The murderous campaign of the IRA left much hurt and devastation, many empty chairs. The people of Northern Ireland know and understand the need to stand firmly with our European neighbours against the scourge of terrorism. We must never allow terrorists to control the narrative, indulge their revisionism or glorify their deeds to radicalise a new generation.

We have some in Northern Ireland who propagate such revisionism. They seek to revise history to justify their evil deeds. Instead, we must give victims a voice. They require protection, specialist support to respond to their specific needs. And as we assist victims, so too experience has taught us to guard against complacency. Dem internationalen Terrorismus ist mit nationalstaatlichen Methoden alleine nicht beizukommen. Etwas, was seinem Charakter nach nicht nationalstaatlich ist — der IS — versteht sich selbst als stateless actor — etwas, das er nicht ist.

Der bisherige Rahmenbeschluss war dazu nicht ausreichend und die Rechtslage in einzelnen Mitgliedstaaten sehr unterschiedlich. Die Richtlinie ist ein sehr wichtiger Schritt. Helga Stevens ECR. De bedoeling is te komen tot gemeenschappelijke definities voor terroristische misdrijven, waaraan ook meteen minimumstraffen worden gekoppeld. Het terroristisch motief geldt voortaan als een verzwarende omstandigheid.

Zum Glück müssen wir nicht Deutsch lernen! So lacht das Internet über unsere Sprache

Online haatberichten van de IS-sympathisanten bijvoorbeeld zullen nu overal in de EU moeten worden vervolgd en verplicht offline gehaald. Ook is hacking van kritische infrastructuur, reizen en rekrutering met terroristische motieven verboden. Tegelijk is er aandacht voor de slachtoffers. Daarom is N-VA tevreden met het voorstel. Mir scheint fast, dass genau dasselbe nun auch auf EU-Ebene passiert. Das Beispiel von Ahmed H. Es beweist, dass der Begriff Terror hier definitiv falsch und viel zu weit ausgelegt wird.

Als Gesetzgeberinnen haben wir die moralische Verpflichtung, Gesetze nicht auf Basis von Panikmache zu verabschieden, denn das schafft sicher kein Vertrauen. In order to deal with conflict we have to address the causes of conflict. What is the political context? What is the social and economic context? What avenues exist to address grievances and pursue legitimate political objectives? Not all situations are the same and the right to assist is valid in certain circumstances.

But let us be clear. IS murder indiscriminately. They oppress and abuse people of all faiths and none. So processes of conflict resolution will not apply in all situations. However, increased repression is more likely to fuel further acts of violence than to reduce them. And limiting civil rights and freedom of expression will not make society safer. Diane Dodds NI , blue-card question. You talk about IS murdering indiscriminately.

Would you agree with me that the IRA also murdered indiscriminately? To the families of those who died at Kingsmill and the family of Edgar Graham, who is today in the news in a controversy because the law lecturer in Queens University refused to condemn that murder, would you also agree that those were indiscriminate acts? I think what is important for all of us who have come from a situation where we are emerging from conflict is to show and demonstrate in a parliament like this that building peace is more important than fighting a war.

We, you and I, could trade statistics of incidents and tragedies, and that, of course, would keep us all looking backwards. There are lots of families, and you have mentioned some here today, who, without doubt, deserve the kind of justice that they are seeking. This week I had three families over here in this Parliament — the brother of Pat Finucane and the daughter of a woman who was murdered by the British state, by British soldiers, and a son whose father had been killed, respectively 42 and 46 years ago.

These people are just looking for a basic inquest. They are looking for the Stormont House agreement to be taken forward. I know the Commissioner is very aware of the work that we have done thus far, and we would hope that he and others would support the kind of conflict resolution that we are involved in.

Was gut ist an dieser Richtlinie, das liegt auf der Hand. Das eigentliche Problem ist doch, dass wir die schon bestehenden terroristischen Straftaten nicht wirklich verfolgen. Das wird heute schon unter Strafe gestellt. Gilles Lebreton ENF. Frank Engel PPE. En fin de compte, ce sont nos citoyens qui ont fait une erreur dans leur parcours. During the decades of terrorism in Northern Ireland, the police and the army sought to prevent terrorists from plunging my region into anarchy and civil war, and now we have a witch—hunt against elderly former soldiers who are being questioned and brought before the courts in connection with events that happened more than 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, the IRA terrorist suspects have been getting letters of comfort and others have received royal pardons. I sincerely hope we do not let them do it. We have had many atrocities and I could go on and deliver them at great length from Warrenpoint to Tullyvallen to Harrods to Warrington and all over the United Kingdom. Let me make it very clear: all terrorism is wrong and cannot be condoned, nor can it ever be justified by anyone.

We must keep a sense of proportion and ensure that, in investigating the past, we do not focus disproportionately on the actions of those who sought to keep our community safe and who suffered grievously in the process. I would urge all Members not to be taken in by the cynical self-serving attempts to whitewash the crimes of history. And yes, Mrs Hohlmeier, you are so right. The victims are the most important, not the victim—makers.

Nothing can justify extremism, but we must acknowledge that it does not arise in a vacuum. Narratives of grievances, actual or perceived injustice, promised empowerment and sweeping change become attractive where human rights are being violated, good governance is being ignored and aspirations are being crushed. Some of them will no doubt be horrified by what they see and will be anxious to put those experiences behind them, but others have already returned to their home countries to spread hatred, intolerance and violence in their own communities.

We will not be successful in combating terrorism unless we can harness the idealism, creativity and energy of young people and others who feel disenfranchised. Young people must be viewed as an asset and must be empowered to make a constructive contribution to the political and economic development of their societies and nations. We must offer them a positive vision in their future, together with a genuine chance to realise their aspirations and their potential. The same applies to those states we have neglected, whether economically or politically.

Our security services can only do so much to protect us, and as we are constantly told, the terrorists only have to get lucky once. We need to change hearts and minds, and while strengthening legal definitions and formalising cooperation might help, ultimately we need to successfully challenge the whole ideology behind the extremist narrative. Mario Borghezio ENF. Che coraggio ci vuole?

Manco quello avete! Qualcuno dice che non bisogna parlare di frontiere e attacca il collega, che ne ha parlato molto bene, giustamente. Ha ragione Lebreton allora! Libera circolazione per tutti, anche per quelli che fanno propaganda, come i signori Fratelli musulmani che si infiltrano addirittura nei governi e fanno i consulenti dei nostri governi. Volete libera circolazione per tutti, ma non per i cacciatori. Le armi dei cacciatori sono pericolosissime, non quelle dei lupi solitari, non quelle dei jihadisti.

Non ci sono misure concrete contro i jihadisti. Come li si cerca? Mi lasci concludere, caro Presidente, bisogna avere il coraggio di prendere misure serie. Ricordiamoci delle vittime, alle quali voi non pensate, che oggi soffrono negli ospedali e nei centri di rieducazione. Nessuno li aiuta. Listen: first, we must introduce the death penalty. We cannot win when they can kill us and we cannot kill them.

Some terrorists are not ready to die, for example those who killed at Charlie Hebdo. Second, every man should have a gun. It will not help in most cases, but in some it will. Three, no social benefits to immigrants. They must work, and work hard, like the American immigrants in the nineteenth century, for small money. They must not have strange thoughts in their minds: they must work and not think about something.

Four, no wall will stop terrorists: we must agree that there will be terrorism and live with it. Far more people die in car accidents than through terrorism and we do not care, or we do not get hysterical about it. And the last thing: stop the journalists. What the terrorists want is to be famous and to spread hysteria in society. The journalists should cut off the terrorists: no photographs; no interviews with terrorists. The terrorists should be hanged the next day, there should be no names and they should be buried under the pigsty.

This will minimise terrorism. Janusz Korwin-Mikke NI , blue-card answer. Alessandra Mussolini PPE. Almeno una parola la dica! Que voulons-nous prouver? Pointer les responsables? Ryszard Czarnecki ECR. Nicolas Bay ENF. Terrorism is like a disease, it spreads around, but it overcomes and oversteps the boundaries of the European Union.

The European Union is bound to cooperate with neighbouring countries, but the diverse descriptions of terrorism sometimes from third countries is used as a pretext for political prosecution. Colleague, would you agree that the European Union as such and Member States have to be very vigorous, even selective, in cooperating with some neighbouring countries when it comes to the fight against terrorism in order to protect the political freedoms of citizens and respect freedoms as such?

We cannot align ourselves with that and that is also why we need to be very critical about what is happening inside the EU and that is why I am also critical about some of the solutions that are in this Directive that, in my view, put in question disproportionately, or may put in question disproportionately, the fundamental rights of the European citizens themselves. Heinz K. Becker PPE. Ich bin froh, dass Kommission und Parlament hier auch eindeutig an einem Strang ziehen. Wir gehen sehr weit. Bei Gewinnen von Milliarden Dollar ist kein Aufwand zu hoch. A ellas les dedico este informe.

Con todos mis respetos: contra el terrorismo, la buena voluntad no basta. Jeroen Lenaers PPE. Het is dan ook terecht dat veiligheid en het bestrijden van terreur de allereerste prioriteit van de Europese Unie is. Er is al veel gebeurd. We hebben de PNR-richtlijn aangenomen. We hebben een nieuw mandaat van Europol met meer ruimte om online radicalisering tegen te gaan.

We stemmen morgen ook over betere controle aan de buitengrenzen. We hebben ingezet op betere bescherming van de buitengrenzen. Dit verslag is een andere belangrijke stap en ik feliciteer collega Hohlmeier en de schaduwrapporteurs met het goede resultaat, want het is belangrijk. De mensen die kwaad in de zin hadden wisten de afgelopen tijd de zwakke plekken in Europa maar al te goed te vinden.

En ja, wij koesteren de vrijheid van meningsuiting. Maar er bestaat ook zoiets als een collectieve verantwoordelijkheid, een niveau van minimale beschaving dat wij van iedereen in de Europese Unie mogen verwachten. En het verheerlijken van terreur hoort daar niet bij en moet keihard aangepakt worden. Quindi, sentendo delle affermazioni che parlano di terrorismo islamista, mi chiedo cosa significa.

Significa che esiste un terrorismo islamista e che poi ci sono altre forme di atti terroristici di serie B e di serie A? Quindi, molto bene le nuove fattispecie di reato, che non vengono inventate dal Parlamento, ma che si attagliano alle nuove forme di atti criminali di Internet. Ho finito, signor Presidente. Ottima la direttiva, bisogna votarla. Arnaud Danjean PPE. Il faut aussi articuler beaucoup mieux les dimensions de renseignement, de police et de justice, et ne pas les confondre. Axel Voss PPE.

Deshalb ist auch der Bericht, den Monika Hohlmeier hier ausgehandelt hat, ein wichtiges Instrument dazu. Coaching Termine sind auch online z. Seminar- und Ausbildungstermine sowie weitere Veranstaltungen findest du im Kalender. Alle Veranstaltungen, bis auf die Neumondfeiern Veranstaltungsort siehe unter Seminare , finden im Gesundheitszentrum pur natur! Termin und weitere Infos siehe Kalender. Neumondfeiern Die Neumondfeiern finden jeweils am Tag des Neumonds statt und gestalten sich nach der aktuellen Neumondenergie. Wesentliche Bestandteile der Feier sind unter anderem ein Feuerritual, eine Meditation, gemeinsames Singen von Bhajans, das Verlesen der aktuellen Neumondbotschaft und das Aufladen von Bergkristallspitzen mit der jeweiligen Neumondenergie.

Es gibt auch Neumondfeiern in der Natur. Die Meditationen sind thematisch immer unterschiedlich und richten sich nach der jeweiligen Tagesenergie.

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