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Obul is keen to offload his high-rise. Once the building is sold, his mind would be at peace, his tongue confident, and henceforth he could hang out at his leisure.

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On the ATM card, the dancing digits sigh long and hard; in the freezing underground vault, the bills reminisce over their tainted but exhilarating past. Intriguing characters, great use of language, refreshing viewpoint — looking forward to reading the chapters that feature before and aft this extract.

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Very nice, Bruce. Verbally, of course…….

As I understand it, the printed book should be out within 1Q , and the e-book should be available online at Amazon, hopefully , by 2Q Available now in e-book form at: Kobo. Deal or no deal, mutual trust shall prevail. Roasted, stewed or handheld, mutton remains meat all the same.

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Heroes of the world, you have all come today! It is cool cash that drives human life.

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For more information about Alat Asem, click here. Comments Thomas Bird says. There is no need for face to face meetings with drug dealers in shady environments.

Confessions of a Silk Road User : Life on the Road

Silk Road has taken the violence aspect of purchasing drugs out of the equation. This book outlines one man's experience with the site and how it has changed his life in both positive and negative ways. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now.

Mastermind behind online drug marketplace Silk Road 2.0 gives his confessions

Follow us. DPR2 knew he had already crossed a line, yet decided to take things one step further by taunting law enforcement on the login page for Silk Road 2.

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DPR2 tweaked the seizure notice placed on the first Silk Road website to taunt authorities. After the launch of the website, DPR2 said he faced the challenge of keeping his private life and his role of online drug kingpin separate. He said on one particular evening he was cooking dinner for his friends, while simultaneously running his multi-million dollar drug empire from his laptop.

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The online drug marketplace kingpin said as the months went by, he started to question his actions more and more. An example of what the dark web marketplace looked like. After successfully running for more than a year, Silk Road 2.