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Aug 23, Karen Klein rated it liked it Shelves: bible-study. Loaned to me by Pastor Fred to read Book introductions My very own copy just arrived in the mail a few days ago. I was able to read through most of the preface before returning it, but now that I have my own copy can slow down and read it slowly Bnewperson rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Michael Joseph Brown rated it really liked it Jan 14, Judith Kohatsu rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Joyce Gray rated it really liked it May 19, Sarah rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Rick Edwards rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Gary Dillensnyder rated it really liked it Mar 26, Stephanie rated it it was ok Jul 21, Christe rated it it was amazing Jun 03, John Forman rated it really liked it May 26, Scott Bartlett rated it really liked it May 05, Jessica Star Rockers rated it liked it Sep 24, Addie rated it it was amazing May 27, Thea rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Valerie Ohle rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Rob Kopp rated it it was amazing Dec 29, Regina Clarke rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Corky Alexander rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Carla Banks rated it really liked it Jul 27, Dustin Arbuckle rated it it was amazing Jun 01, Renay rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Nicole Duran rated it it was amazing Aug 10, Monica Dobbins rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Eric Ryniker rated it it was ok Feb 27, Lexa Liepe rated it really liked it Dec 25, Randall C.

Bailey's "The the cultural forces that influenced the Bible's Fext in Cultures," which concentrates on con- rticular biblical sections and books typically follow a similar pattern, first discussing the lefts' structure, historical background, and com- positional history before moving sometimes somewhat abruptly to reflections on the author's own culturally conditioned experience of reading.

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The editors' commitment to contextual! God's word to all peoples and therefore can- not be claimed as the exclusive possession of any one group: "The publication of The Peo- ples' Bible marks a new era of inclusion and freedom in which all peoples and all voices are welcome to the table of biblical interpretation—a process that we hope will serve as a catalyst for a more just society and a reconciled human family" p. The editors do not distinguish betwecji the academic and theological objectives of their project and seem to see the two as complementary, if not identical.

Yet there is some tension between the universalizing language Used to describe the book's religious commit- ments and the emphasis on context and subjectivity suggested by its academic stance. For all their ethnic diversity, the editors of The Peoples 'Bible are all North American Protestants with progressive inclinations the contributors are somewhat more diverse, but all are Chris- tian , and this shared background inevitably contextualizes the biblical text in a particular way. The essays and commentary deal with themes such as oppression, exile, and reconcil- iation, and reflect feminist, postcolonialist, and liberationist commitments.

The book"s stated aspiration to include "all peoples and all voices" is thus some- what misleading. This is a "peoples' Bible" only in an cthnocultural sense: the authors are united by shared faith and similar ideals.

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Some of the essays and comments in the book do suggest a broader understanding of "peoples. Kosuke Koyama "The God of the Bible and the Peoples of the Earth" observes that "the inhabited world is the world of many religions" and proposes that "the truth found in Judaism and Christianity does not diminish the authenticity of truth found in other religions" p. Johanna W. Gafney's intro- duction to the Apocrypha recognizes "all Jewish and Christian canons as valid" p.

These essays ofTer thoughtful reflections on the idea of sacred Scripture and urge acceptance of diverse religious views, but The Peoples 'Bible does not include these views.

The people's Bible : discourses upon Holy Scripture

The editors' failure to differentiate between acceptance and inclusion promotes a false sense of univer- sality and suggests a reluctance to represent the book as what it is: a study Bible by, and largely for, liberal American Christians, mainly of Protestant affiliation. Within these limitations, The Peoples 'Bible has a great deal to offer.

The contributions are erudite but accessible and address issues of contemporary relevance without neglecting historical context.

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Perhaps most important. The Peoples 'Bible urges readers to consider the potential impact of particular texts and interpretations on those of different backgrounds. Tinker, for example, observes that Native Americans encountering the conquest narratives are more likely to identify with the Canaanitcs than with the Israelites p.

Van Wijk-Bos's essay on the legacy of anti-Jewish biblical interpretation is particularly welcome, given the persistence of implicit supersessionism and hostility toward the I lebrew Scriptures in certain streams of liberal Christian discourse. Most of the ideas in The Peoples 'Bible will not be new to scholars in the field.

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For its intended audience, however, this book offers a sensitive, thoughtful, and engaging entry to the Bible and contemporary biblical interpretation. MA nicoli: wilkinson duran, teresa okure. The purpose of the Texts Contexts scries is to "examine how formulating the content-specific, ideological, and thematic questions from life contexts will focus the read- ing of the biblical texts" p.

This second volume of the series couples this approach with criticism of the perceived hegemony of "North Atlantic" biblical scholarship i.

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The contributors are from a variety of cultural contexts: many arc present or former students of editor Daniel Palte in Vanderbilt University's Ph. Related Papers. By Gilbert Van Belle. By Wally V.

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