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A cat starts picking up signals as soon as you enter a home. It can smell other animals on you, even dogs you recently walked past, says cat behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider, author of The Cat Whisperer. These are usually sold as sprays or diffusers to discourage territorial behavior, but they do this by calming the cat, not irritating it. Once you get inside the home, avoid blocking any perceived exits, says Galaxy. That should dictate all your behavior around the cat. This makes sense, says McNamee, because all the usual moves that cat-lovers make, like walking toward the cat making kissy noises, are counter-productive.

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Wait for the cat to come to you, while you look down at the floor. Slump your shoulders, hands in your lap, or sit down on the floor. Once a cat gets used to your presence, you want to gently offer it a finger to sniff, but you need to do this stealthily. Your fingertip looks like a cat nose, says Galaxy. Watch for the cat to demonstrate confidence with you, says Galaxy, by walking through the middle of the room or rubbing up against you.

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Take your time building up to a pet. Go for the cheeks and behind the ear—spots with glands, where kittens get licked by their mother. I can always get them to forgive me. Nagelschneider suggests a more proactive method: play with the cat using a wand toy or laser pointer. There is no way to bypass what their ancestry is telling them to do. You can also go for straight-up bribery. Then leave treats closer and closer. Feeding the cat its normal meal is another great opportunity, says McNamee. A treat works better if the cat only gets it for special occasions, says Galaxy.

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Ideally, a visit from a guest should be like a visit from Santa. As an owner, you can advocate for your cats and give visitors all the advice above. The cost would be much more than spaying that female cat. The overwhelming cat population problem society faces is reason alone to spay and neuter. Although cats may quickly recover from minor illnesses, they can just as quickly die if an emergency isn't recognized. Cats need certain vaccinations , they need annual examinations, and they definitely need and deserve immediate veterinary care when they become sick or injured.

Money saved by buying cheap cat food will be spent hundreds of times over on veterinary care. They do not need large amounts of grain fillers, especially corn, which is a cheap source of protein used by many cat food manufacturers. You'll find your cat may eat less of the high-quality food because they don't have to gorge to get the nutrients they need. Many an innocent new cat owner has been led down the declaw path when a veterinarian asks, "Do you want your kitten declawed when we spay her?

Declawing is not a matter of "trimming" cats claws. It is the surgical amputation of the first joint of the bones in this drawing. Learn the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

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Many people believe cats deserve the freedom, fresh air, and sunshine of outdoor life, while many others can offer proof that cats can be very happy and healthy living totally indoors. That the outdoors offers dangers not found inside simply cannot be debated. Fortunately, there are a number of compromises that will give you and your cat the best of both worlds, while keeping him safe and happy.

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Cats will consistently use a litter box, if it is kept scrupulously clean, and if the litter is not scented or unpleasant to the cats' feet. Carefully maintaining your cat's litter box will almost guarantee you that you will not be faced with litter box avoidance problems. Caveat : If your cat suddenly starts urinating outside the box despite your careful maintenance, you should immediately suspect a urinary tract problem, which is a veterinary emergency.

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When you join the ranks of cat lovers, you'll soon find that we commonly refer to our cats as family members, rather than "pets. You can no more "own" a cat than you can own another human being. If you haven't figured out the distinction by now, your new cat will let you know in quick order. In fact, many cat lovers describe themselves as being owned by their cats, as demonstrated by the accompanying photo! A cat is not a child, and a cat is not a dog. Cats' unique ways make them the endearing creatures they are.

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On the other hand, some of their traits may cause frustration because we don't understand their needs. Cats instinctively seek out high places and sharpen their claws because they are cats, not because they are stubborn and disobedient. Our job is to accommodate those needs in acceptable ways. Before You Get a New Cat.

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Continue to 2 of 11 below. Adopting in Haste. Adopting a new cat should be for keeps, so consider carefully before you make that decision. Continue to 3 of 11 below. Ignorance of the Costs. Continue to 4 of 11 below.