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List of essential Irish session tunes. If you could only memorize an arbitrary number of tunes, let's say 20, which ones would you commit to memory based on how often they come up in sessions? Re: List of essential Irish session tunes. I' we tried to figure that out for years! I'd say it depends on where you live and differs down to who shows up at any given session at any given time.

Find your local Irish session and just start picking along and bring a small recorder if you want to practice them at home , you'll pick up the session standards soon enough. Also, www. Not a bad place to start, though versions of tunes can vary widely from the written page to your local session. Thanks, Baron. Here's a list that I found a few months ago when I had the same question.

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I circled the tunes that I already knew, coincidentally there are 20 of them. The following members say thank you to Carl Robin for this post: Mark Wilson. There's another wrinkle that you ought to be aware of -- a lot of tunes have more than one name. It's called "Father O'Flynn" in our lexicon.

Baron called it correctly -- it depends on where the session is.

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  • F'rinstance, I know 68 of the tunes listed above -- and have played but don't know perfectly another six or seven of them. I've never played in Tucson. I found it odd they play Ballydesmond 3 but not 2. I don't see the Copperplates old or new or the Foxhunter's slip jig -- I've played around and about and just about everywhere I've played they're familiar with both or all three, depending of those tunes.

    • Bibliography - Irish Traditional Music Tune Index.
    • Fifty Great Celtic Reels Vol. 2 (Paperback).
    • Magische Karten (German Edition).
    • I didn't see Lark in the Morning, another favorite wherever I've played. I didn't see the Tarlbolton set, which is world famous If you came out here to the wilds of Connecticut, you'd hear all of those and some locally written pieces that are in circulation.

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      So get thee to a local session and find out what's common where you are. You can't go wrong learning any tunes that are played locally. Well, it's a good question and I've never figured this one out either. First off, if you're talking about joining a local session, then I'll agree with the advice to visit that one session and learn their tunes. Unless it's a bare beginner session, the tunes are likely to be different from a standard Top 20 list.

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      If the goal is to learn a baseline collection of tunes that will let you travel to various different sessions, that's also tricky for the same reason. They will probably have moved on into different collections of tunes over the years. You can't always rely on a "Top Drums Percussion. Guitars Basses. Irish Folk Instruments. PA Live Sound. String Instruments. Technology Recording.

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