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Freedom Sunday In celebration of Freedom Sunday, Pastor Eddie shares on the grave issue of slavery and the proper response we are to have towards such injustices in our world today.

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The class basis of Dodik’s rule

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CMC warmly welcomes guest speaker Dr. That is why foreign armies, dictators, kings, etc. They use arms and armies, tear gas, live ammunition against civilians, bombing, drones, spying equipment, indefinite detention without a trial; they arrest relatives, rape political prisoners, shoot without warning, demolish homes, kill journalists, force imams to give government-sanctioned sermons, use minorities against majorities, create torture machines, establish their little Gitmos and black sites, and deny justice and peace to their opposition.

These oppressors dress and behave like old colonial masters, and buy arms from the West. And this is why those fighting for freedom start becoming skeptical of the much-touted Western love for democracy and freedom. They start seeing their governments as a continuity of the older generation of occupying foreign colonial powers in their lands.

This is where the mostly peaceful Arab Spring started becoming violent.

‘Into the Deep’: a cry for freedom

Responding to the oppressive state in the same coin. And this is where the Western media, which claims to be unbiased, objective, and truthful, then turns around and begins name-calling and labeling those fighting for freedom: Islamists, fundamentalists, extremists, etc. With this information in hand, Islamophobes of the world then spin and spin, weaving a web of deception to cloud the judgment of their own people and everyone else about what is going on.

It is, nevertheless, possible that these journalists who have never lived under occupation or war may not understand the depth and severity of either. But this is not a turmoil. It is a cry for freedom, which sometimes becomes the struggle of a generation. The right to self-determination is in the United Nations charter. Let the Palestinians, the Kashmiris, and the Afghans live the way they want to live. The Muslim world was under European occupation for years or so. These civilizational agents or corrupt bureaucrats were trained to serve their masters [1] , ensuring their control behind the scenes, and treating their subject populations as uncivilized ignorant masses or down right savages.

They wasted 60 years or so of advancement of democracy and freedom in their countries, some times in the name of development and other times in the name of stability. Now, Muslims all over the world want to take the reins of their lives in their own hands. They seek justice and freedom from corruption and slavery on their own terms.

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And they are even willing to sacrifice peace and security for that goal. Some of them struggle successfully in non-violent ways, like the successful Tunisian Arab Spring where compromise between Islamic politicians and secularists democrats shared power advancing the cause of freedom and justice, or Morocco where Islamists-Democrats and the King worked with each other to change the government with very little loss of lives.

These are the relative success stories which do not get much coverage.

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Cry 'Freedom!' in the name of God, and let the cry resound

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