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Ben Bova. Stand at Cornith. The Songster of Javensbee By S. Riccobono Tweet. Also available as: E-Book. Other Books By This Author. Trumbel, they had no qualms about us entering Noma Six. But keep in mind that the Drio and United Earth have had difficulties with regional disputes. Both sides agreed to notify the other when or if entering an unclaimed quadrant. I paid him one third up front, the rest upon capture. That is correct. We can fully protect your science vessel. We should be arriving in a few hours. Three hours later they reduced to sub-light speed and headed for a nearby binary star system.

Jason sat in a chair behind the Captain, who ordered his crew to scan the four giant gaseous planets. Here we are, Mr. Trumbel, and it appears your planet does not exist. After a short jump, they arrived in a single star system with twenty planets. Most were completely barren, but one had a toxic atmosphere with pink stained vegetation; ideal for the Tabar Caluso. The helmsman maneuvered the Ellington into orbit and the science vessel followed. Jason transported back to the science vessel where he assembled his team in the conference room.

Looks like my gamble paid off. Unlike our last excursion, this planet is not going to be so pleasant. The trader gave me information of its last known coordinates. He said they frequent the same area. That is, if it turns out to be the right planet. And I have one more question. I paid him handsomely.

Jason activated a monitor screen. This is the only known picture of the elusive little bastard. Pot belly, webbed feet and its gills on the neck filter the deadly gasses. The lead veterinarian stood up. Very well. Marigold and Ralston will split up in teams. Fully contained breathing suits. Any more questions? Kid gloves on this one.

The Tabar Caluso is timid and delicate. The teams transported to the planet in white suits and helmets. Ralston measured the temperature at degrees. Nice little vacation spot. The veterinarians examined the ubiquitous large leafed reddish pink foliage as Ralston easily traversed the flattened landscape while crushing colonies of finger size maggots under his boots.

Marigold, who was at least a mile away,. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Printed in the United States of America. White haired Trumbel was dismissive. Marigold became defensive. Jason, its standard procedure.

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Trumbel turned to Marigold. You on board? She chuckled. What can I say? The perfect predator. Nasty, relentless, yet cautious. Marigold turned to the lead veterinarian.