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Blizzard announced last summer that it would allow players to sell their in-game goods for real world cash , but it would also take a cut of each sale.

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Emerging Tech The founding fathers gave us more than just independence. They gave us tech too Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and other Founding Fathers were very interested in science and technology. Blizzard's Rob Pardo, executive vice president of game design and Diablo II designer, explained to the group why the developer is implementing those changes. Pardo talked about Battle.

Diablo 3: Why Things Are Selling for so Much on the Real Money Auction House (RMAH Tips)

This included Diablo II gameplay annoyances like single player characters having divided access to the game's multiplayer mode; a lack of persistence in online characters, which can also expire if not regularly played; and the inefficiency of finding, meeting and making friends online. Cheating, player-killing and a makeshift player-developed economy built on the trading of rare Stones of Jordan from Diablo II were also signs to Blizzard that it needed to rethink how Battle.

Why Diablo 3's Real Money Auction House Should Not Be Your Summer Job

That includes improved matchmaking, the ability to see and speak with your friends connected to other Blizzard games StarCraft II , World of Warcraft and dynamic cooperative play. Diablo III players will always be connected to their friends through Battle. That means that to play Diablo III , players will be required to have a constant internet connection, even if they're facing Diablo and his demonic siblings alone.

Blizzard says the always-on internet connection also helps prevent cheating, item duplication and character hacking, the greater annoyances that would interfere with or completely ruin the Diablo III Auction House. Pardo said Blizzard built the Auction House to facilitate improved item trading between players, to give them a safe environment in which to exchange, search for, buy and sell their gear.

It is not, according to the developer, a Blizzard store designed to sell directly to players. Built into the game's client, the Diablo III Auction House will let players swap items—weapons, gems, armor, runestones, even characters—for other items, in-game gold or regional, real-world currency. Buyers can search by character class and item type, with the option to auto-bid on or instant buy virtual goods.

Transactions between players are handled anonymously. On cash-based transactions, Blizzard will charge sellers both a listing fee and a "nominal fixed transaction fee" if the item finds a buyer. The developer says the listing fee was designed to prevent players from putting up every item they own up for sale. It plans to offer an unspecified amount of free listings to Diablo III players who might want to experiment with selling their game loot. Diablo III players who opt to sell in-game gear for real world currency have the option of funneling the cash proceeds into one of two accounts: an e-balance that players can use to buy other Blizzard products games, World of Warcraft game time, virtual pets and an unannounced third party payment provider that will simply let them cash out their winnings minus another fee from the third party.

Diablo III’s failed Auction House: Why true ownership won’t save your game

Those playing in the game's still-unspecified "Hardcore" difficulty, which has in the past meant player deaths are permanent, are restricted from using the Auction House. So, why is Blizzard adopting a player-led economy that introduces the tangle of real-world money? Blizzard says its great for both buyers and sellers, that it works well with the design of the Diablo item system of randomized loot drops and it adds depth to the long term game.