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Thanks so much Sally for a wonderful and beneficial experience! The first minute that Sally connected with me after I shared I was having relationship challenges, she immediately knew where it stemmed from. Sally identified my karmic patterns. I cleared this karma pattern once and for all! If you need super fast results I highly recommend Sally. Thanks Sally!

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Working with Sally was a very relaxing and beneficial experience! I particularly liked the level of her confidence as she jumped right in, shared very specific info with me and started working immediately on the issues in hand! Thank you, Sally! From the moment Sally started working with me I felt waves of energy ripple through my body.

I came to Sally wanting to remove any energy blocks standing in the way of my next level of expansion and within a few minutes felt an anchoring deep within. I experienced a rush of energy up my body when Sally said the word love. Energy blocks in my lower chakras crumbled and a feeling of calm, knowing and peace moved through me. It is time for all of us join together with loving hearts and compassionately embracing the intrinsic value of all people everywhere.

Meditate upon it. Feel that, just behind the screen of your devotional demands, God is listening to the silent words of your soul. Be thoroughly convinced that He has heard you. Unceasingly meditate on God. When you really feel Him, you will acquire dominion over all things. Since these demands were given to me by the Universal Father, they are not my own.

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I only felt them, and gave them expression through the medium of words, desiring deeply to share them with you. My blessing goes with them, and I pray that they strike an answering note on the living harp strings of your heart, that you may feel them just as deeply as I have myself.

God made man in His own image. All those who have truly received Him in their souls have realized the sleeping divinity within themselves. You yourself can do likewise: Expand the powers of your mind. As a child of God you have dominion, potentially, over all things in the universe, even as He has in actuality. The question arises, why is it that so many of our wishes remain unfulfilled?

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God, with His divine impartiality, could not have made any one child better than any other. Originally, He made all souls equally in His image. They received also great gifts of God: freedom of will, and the power to reason, and to act accordingly.

Somewhere, sometime in the past, all men have broken various laws of God, and have, accordingly, brought about lawful results. All men have been given absolute liberty to reason as they choose: wrongly or rightly. The right use of reason leads to joy and happiness.

God is in finitely kind, gracious, and noble.

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It is we who punish ourselves through our own wrong use of reason, which leads to unlawful actions. We also reward ourselves by the inner happiness and peace of mind which follow good conduct. He must always reap what he sows. The law of cause and effect applies to everything and everyone. The fact remains that a soul, however wrong in its outward, egoic behavior, is really a sleeping son of God. The greatest sinner on earth is only an unawakened child of God, a sleeping immortal, merely refusing to receive His light fully by clarifying his own consciousness.

The ocean cannot be held in a teacup. The cup must expand to become as large as the bowl of land holding the ocean. Similarly, the cup of human consciousness must, by concentration and the purification of all human faculties, be enlarged to infinity in order to comprehend God. This it can do only by receiving, through the Guru, the consciousness of Christ.

The purport of that quotation from St.

Reclaiming Your Divine Birthright

Thus they regain their own latent powers as sons of God. Ignorance alone is what prompts man to imagine himself small, and to identify with his own limitations. It is wrong for anyone to believe himself limited by his body. He should know himself to be a part of Unlimited Spirit. It is right and good to hold firmly the thought that one is a son of God, and not a mortal son only.

Indeed, it is metaphysically true that man is made in the image of God. And it is wrong to imagine that all of us are perishable creatures. By belief alone, even, we can some day realize our own souls as sons of God. Wayward children though we be, we must start by believing ourselves to be, in truth, His children. For belief is the initial condition for testing and knowing anything.

People automatically pray, when in trouble, to an unknown God in hope of relief. If delivered from trouble even accidentally they believe their prayers have been heard and answered by God. Your Progress Report to complete at the end of the Program, which helps you anchor all the miracles, blessings, advancement, insights and revelations. Add in Private Sessions with Dr.

Soul Remedy Healings address the challenging configurations that keep you from actualizing your full potential. Insightful and dynamic, these sessions can transform the way you see yourself and your situation, bringing you timely answers, while healing the underlying causes to catalyze fast positive change. Each session includes powerful healings, activations, clearings, and many times Soul Destiny Readings, as well as a personalized Divine Healing Transmission from the Realms of Light! Divine Healing Transmissions. In the tradition of the Oracles of Delphi, whose ministry helped allow Divine Ones to speak to humanity at a time of great need, these Divine Healing Transmissions facilitated by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD, are designed for the advancement of humanity into an Age of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace.

Partaking of them allows powerful healings and timely activations to take place.