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– Soziale Arbeit im ASD –" eine professionelle Herausforderung"

Table of Contents. Related Content. Capitalism has proven much more resilient than Marx anticipated, and the working class has, until now, hardly lived up to his hopes. The Marxian concept of class rests on exclusion.

Workplace Ethnographies - an Underestimated Source of Subject-Oriented Work Research

But global labour history suggests, that slaves and other unfree workers are an essential component of the capitalist economy. What might a critique of the political economy of labour look like that critically reviews the experiences of the past five hundred years while moving beyond Eurocentrism?

In this volume twenty-two authors offer their thoughts on this question, both from a historical and theoretical perspective. Oswald in Zug Konzeptionen von Eltern und Jugendlichen Handeln im Spannungsfeld 2. Gallen What can art do? Challenges and innovative solutions at destinations under pressure.

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Innovative Formen der Selbsthilfe — Neue Aufgaben? Neue Wege? Instandsetzung von Mauerwerksscheiben bzgl. Filters used: No active filter. Reset all. We use cookies on this site to give you the best browsing experience. A unique benefit of IM is the existence of public address books.

The feasibility of IM interviews was examined in a WWW survey as well as in actual IM interviews that were combined with an experimental manipulation of the request for participation. On the basis of self-reports, respondent behavior, and data in the address books, the studies have demonstrated that the risk to receive false data in IM interviews is small. Not only is the quality of the obtainable data satisfying but the contact rate, response rate, and retention rate as well. Moreover, the experimental test has demonstrated that the response rate is influenced by the chat request.

On the basis of the study results, recommendations are given as to when and how IM interviews should be used as a method to collect data. Der jeweiligen Kontrollgruppe wurde kein Incentive angeboten. Die Geldverlosung wurde in zwei Varianten umgesetzt: In Variante 1 wurde nur der Gesamtbetrag der Verlosung genannt, und in Variante 2 wurde der Gewinn auf mehrere Geldpreise aufgeteilt. Die Ergebnisse der sechs Einzelexperimente wurden meta-analytisch zusammengefasst. In each experiment, the incentive offered for participation was a cash lottery. The control group was not offered any incentive.

The cash lottery was offered in two versions, either the total payout of the lottery was mentioned or the lottery was split into multiple prizes. The two versions of the lottery did not differ in expected value. Dependent measures were the response and retention rate. The results of the individual experiments were meta-analytically summarized. Cash lotteries relative to no incentives did not reliably increase response or retention, neither did it make a significant difference if a single prize or multiple prizes were raffled. However, several interesting moderators for the effect of the splitting of the prize were detected.

The aim of the presentation is to give an overview of the recent status of the German Information Economy. The following sectors will be analysed: information technology, mobile communication, Internet, e-commerce b2b, b2c , e-government, online content, online gaming, online video, online audio. The presentation will particularly stress the current market situation, the accessibility preconditions, current and future penetration rates of important technologies as well as user and internet acceptance.

For all these different issues an evaluation in the form of an overall German e-readiness index compared to trendsetter countries will be given. Primarily new developments, latest technologies as well as upcoming business opportunities will be raised. In addition, forecasts for the future development of these new emerging market areas will be given. Wo besteht Nachholbedarf? Antecedents and consequences of trust in virtual teams Abstract English: Trust is a prerequisite of effective teamwork. In virtual teams trust is even more essential since factors known to contribute to social control and coordination are often absent: Virtual team members are confronted with geographical and cultural diversity, fluid membership and the lack of past or future association.

Trust in team mates was higher if the trustor had positive attitudes towards CMC, if team members were interdependent, and teams had more autonomy. However, these effects were weakened or disappeared when the interpersonal variables were introduced into the model. In accordance with other studies, perceived integrity of team mates was the strongest predictor of trust in virtual teams.

UMTS-based TV-Services might involve the viewers in a new television experience by providing customized programmes, video-on-demand, online links to information applicable to stories and the ability to send messages to other viewers. But the current developments point in the other direction: Providers of mobile TV-services seem to have little interest in changing the traditional methods of broadcasting content.

Costumers of mobile television are perceived as passive consumers, socialised by the traditional broadcast television, and not as the inter active users of tomorrow. However, what viewers really perceive as value added is not clear beforehand. In this study we addressed the following research questions: - How do the users integrate Mobile-TV in their everyday mobile life? To collected data we used three different research designs: structured test situations, usage tests during the course of a day and long term tests. Was ist mobiles Fernsehen? A online-offline method comparison based on quasi-experimental data from two surveys to family stress.

Abstract English: In recent years, many studies have been undertaken to detect whether methodology matters or not.

European and International Perspectives and Innovations

Do online surveys lead to same conclusions as traditional paper-pencil surveys do? Many authors underline the comparability of both methods. There measurements of different scales and different data acquisitions methods resulted in comparable values. Other researches claim that there exits differences between methods. For example, data collected by means of internet seam to have wider distribution. Also should the major anonymity given in online studies lead to more self-exposure. Further differences are to be expected, if study design is truly experimental or just quasi-experimental.

In quasi-experimental studies, however, comparability of group characteristics is often not given. Differences found between groups can be due to differences in such variables. If we are faced to an artificial effect, differences should disappear as soon as demographic variables are balanced out. If not, we found a method effect. In our one study participants were asked about family stress and their coping behaviour.

The aim was to determine true methodological effects against artificial effects as a result of differences between groups. Data acquisitions of both methods were arranged independently, as if two individual studies were conduced. This procedure guaranteed that self-selection effects could be established, as to be expected. The artificial effects, therefore, could occur. By balancing out demographic differences the self-selection effect were cancelled out. Methodological effects could then be detected. Result show, that there existed both types of effects. Kind of story reported was affected by sample characteristics.

But participants in the online condition reported stories with higher personal impact. We conclude that there are differences between methodologies. Anonymity, as one variable, should matter. Ein quasi-experimenteller online-offline Methodenvergleich bei einer Befragung zu Familienstress. Viele Autoren kommen zum Schluss, dass eine Vergleichbarkeit gegeben ist.

Andere Autoren fanden durchaus Unterschiede. Hingegen ist bei einem quasi-experimentellen Design ohne Randomisierung mit Unterschieden zu rechnen. Werden die Gruppencharakteristika ausbalanciert, sollten Unterschiede zwischen den Gruppen verschwinden. In diesem Fall handelt es sich um einen Artefakt. Wenn die Unterschiede trotz Balancierung bestehen, dann liegt ein wahrer Methodeneffekt vor. In unserer eigenen Fragebogenstudie zu Stress in der Familie und dem Umgang mit diesem Stress ging es um das Auffinden von wahren Methodeneffekten und Schein-Effekten auf Grund unterschiedlicher Gruppenmerkmale.

Die Resultate zeigen, dass beiden Arten von Effekten zu finden sind. Die Art der Stressgeschichten war durch die Stichprobenunterschiede beeinflusst. Wir schliessen aus unseren Befunden, dass es durchaus Unterschiede zwischen den Erhebungsmethoden gibt. Aber es gibt viele andere Variablen, die nicht oder kaum durch die Methode beeinflusst werden, solange die Stichproben vergleichbar sind. Our web-based tool provides a cost efficient process to continuously feed the innovation pipeline and pretest a subset of concepts with consumers.

The tool elaborates idea generation and helps to advance the qualification process and to increase product success rate. It does so by institutionalizing the screening process involving an idea pool. Employees and special customers are involved on a regular basis. This way the business will never run out of promising ideas.

The process is described in the following. Any idea submitted will be controlled to identify similar or redundant concepts and checked for completeness, clarity and concision. If an idea is found not qualified for testing, the author will be informed by e-mail and asked to revise and re-submit his or her idea. Eligible ideas are approved and submitted to review.

All employees are requested to rate approved ideas in a web-based structure following defined criteria. A special team selects the best-rated ideas in defined intervals. These selected ideas are exported, set up as concepts, translated into all relevant languages, and submitted to consumer concept screening.

Selected consumers are shown one concept each in an web-based questionnaire and are asked to answer a list of questions concerning the concept. Additionally, consumer input on new ideas is generated. Imagine that your are an inventor and you have been asked to come up with ideas. Think about what your new product would be like. Please consider products like the one you have seen in this test only.

Chancen und Risiken einer solchen Online Community zwischen externer Steuerung und Selbstorganisation aufzuzeigen ist das Ziel dieses Beitrags. The web thus develops into a platform for personal publishing and social services, that foster human interaction and cooperation. This development also influences the strategies that publishing houses follow when creating new online editions of their magazines and newspapers. The respective platform, NEON Online, is based on the principle of permanent content creation by the users and interaction among them, all supervised by an editorial staff.

When the platform was launched in , it was positioned as a knowledge network, where users would create step by step an outgrown encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia. However, the given system was adopted and changed by the users according to their individual interests of use. The original idea of a knowledge network thus became less and less important.

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Instead, the platform was used for as diverse purposes as a discussion forum, a chat, a dating pool, an online journal or a blog. The paper discusses the challenge of creating a social software spinoff of a print product and presents a typology of users. A focus lies on the element of the social self-organization of the online community, that the creators of such a platform will have to live with. It is the aim of this paper to identify the opportunities and threads of such an online community between external control and self-organization.

Public Internet Access Points in Developing Countries: The users and uses of shared access facilities Abstract English: "The submission will discuss the phenomenon of Internet usage from shared and public facilities in developing countries. Whereas in western countries home access is the prevalent access model, the situation in developing countries is significantly different. As income levels are much lower compared to western countries, individual ownership of ICT tools is not a common pattern.

Therefore for significant number of Internetusers has to rely on public and shared facilities. In order to learn more about this interesting pattern of Internet usage, an empirical study using different quantitative and qualitative methods has been conducted in India. Beside observation and Interviews two standardized street-sureys have been conducted in urban areas and three different rural Internet projects have been visited.

The findingsd showed, that significant differences existed between urban and rural areas, however, in both environments public use of the Internet was an important pattern. There were several applications that seemed to be interesting even for people from the lowest classes, as for example e-mail, passport-scanning and printing or VoIP. The usage from iliterate people showed an interesting pattern, as they did not use the computers themselves, but with the help of the operator.

Compared to other news types, health news usually contains information about potential risks for the personal life or well-being. Most risks are connected to genetical or biological conditions or certain aspects of the personal life style that might be difficult or even impossible to influence. Hence, although health news consumption can certainly foster learning about possible health threats, it may also instigate fear or helplessness. Anticipation of such unpleasant emotions may, in turn, prevent people from turning to such information.

The theoretical approach is derived from the Informational Utility Model Knobloch et al. In a web-based study, respondents browsed through an online health magazine featuring eight news articles. Selective exposure was unobtrusively server-based recorded and served as the key dependent variable.

Protecting Motherhood

Moreover, in a subsequent online questionnaire, respondents were asked to indicate their health media use and their liking of the magazine and the article topics. The results will be discussed in terms of application in journalism. An evolutionary model of ICTs in knowledge production Abstract English: At the core of recent transformations in knowledge production is the rapid expansion of information and communication technologies ICTs.

This paper discusses the results of a number of empirical studies and aims at providing a framework for understanding the various aspects of changes in knowledge production with regards to the use of ICTs. This framework is based on the distinction of the knowledge production system in three levels: researching, scientizing and politicking.

The emergence of ICTs provides increasing variation into the knowledge producing system by enabling new models, maps and tools to be generated that result in the communication of a wider variety of ideas and concepts. Furthermore, the relationship of researchers with data changes, because of the availability of online data repositories and the increasing data processing capacities of computers.

Our results indicate that the science system and the communication functions of the print medium are inseparable up till now. The formal communications in scientific journals result in the emergence of a system with a stable, accumulative and consistent development of knowledge production. Additional reflexivity on this level is provided by online availability and accessibility of relevant informational resources in the field. This layer of local and temporal communications represents the interaction between science and society in a context of application involving heterogeneous actors like users, policymakers and professional organizations.

Research quality and intellectual significance are judged by a variety of standards such as field specific societal relevance. At this layer, an evolutionary selection —based on socio-economical criteria- occurs that involves non-cognitive standards to asses the usefulness and desirability of ideas.

This evolutionary model enables us to further specify the role of ICT in knowledge production. The three layered communication system that we introduced is not a stable configuration. Each of the communication layers may relate to the other two, which will result in the development of an emerging overlay of communications, networks, and organizations.

The webbased memory clinic www. After taking part in an interactive memory check, the visitors of Gedaechtnisonline receive a feedback on different aspects of their own memory performance. Furthermore, Gedaechtnisonline provides comprehensibly edited scientific findings about memory and memory deficiencies. More than This illustrates the attractivity of combining prevention-oriented health-information with an interactive psychological research tool.

The experimental data gathered yields a considerable scientific return - — collecting this amount of data in a psychological laboratory would have taken approximately 7 man-years! The collected data on age related changes in memory performance is consistent with results the relevant theories of memory research would predict.

This documents the validity of psychological online-research in this field. Quizzing — Usability Simulation in Product Development Abstract English: Quizzing — usability simulation in product development In the process of product development early indications are essential to find out if the acceptance, usage and goals of the development can be realized in later practice.

The expansion of on-line tests also on off-line products offers here - thanks to innovative simulation methods - new possibilities not only for the upper segment. Due to the exclusiveness of the target group, high requirements have been set to the technical and methodical realisation of this usability test. The most important requirements are: A Appealing and close-to-reality representation of the technical features with as much playing character as possible B Avoidance of functional failures due to integrated animations C Minimization of losses due to older browser versions D Integration of the simulation into a CAWI environment which offers highest flexibility and professionalism E Replacement of questions in favour of measurement and tracking mouse clicks By a demonstration of the procedure and presentation of the core results it will be shown how the spectrum of efficient and effective on-line research tools becomes wider also for off-line products.

This extension of the component system of on-line research will be discussed within the framework of pro and contra analysis - from expert and from client point of view. By pointing out further operational areas for this simulation technique the discussion will be opened. The latter just as any empirical method implies specific effects that influence applicability and range of use e.

Yet, online research is not only increasingly applied in corporate market research, amongst others to substitute face to face approaches. Beyond, corporate market research tends to gradually employ hybrid methods e. Heterogeneous but complementary approaches are for that purpose combined so as to form a suitable solution for sometimes contrary requirements.

High expectations in hybrid approaches are contradictory to knowledge about their professional employment. For this reason, a clearly defined b2b target group was addressed offline by phone and passing the screening procedure was recruited for the online survey e-mail invitation. All in all, there is much more need to encourage participants complete the survey. At the same time, the hybrid method has its advantage with the substitution of face to face interviews. Conclusion: Taking all limitations into account, the experience with the proposed approach can be considered valuable and positive.

Especially, in the context of identifying a target group through screening procedures, hybrid methods are apparently a controllable and a high quality research tool. Die Online-Forschung weist wie jede empirische Methode spezifische Effekte auf, die Einfluss auf die Anwendbarkeit und den Einsatzbereich haben z.

Insgesamt ist deutlich mehr Aufwand erforderlich, um Zielpersonen zur Beendigung der Befragung zu motivieren. Fazit: Bei Beachtung der genannten Restriktionen sind die Erfahrungen mit diesem Ansatz durchaus positiv zu bewerten. The impact of visualization of question types and screen pages on the answering behaviour in online surveys Abstract English: The impact of visualization of question types and screen pages on the answering behaviour in online surveys In online surveys there is no clear relation between question and question type.

Answer options can be realized in several ways: as single response list vertical , as single response list horizontal , drop down or drop-up menu with a determined number of answer options or without given answer options. In the case of answer scales the questioner can decide whether he wants to present all scale characteristics in full or if he wants to show only the end points; whether he wants to use numbers from e. He can also decide whether he wants to use illustrative scale characteristics such as smilies.

Often images are used as eye-catcher: A question about car usage presented with a picture of a traffic jam or presented with a picture of a free highway may lead to different results. The authors of this study believe that the choice of the question types and the design of the screen pages have a measurable effect on the answer behaviour. For this purpose identical questions about behaviour with identical characteristics in different form were presented to participants who were drawn by random from an online panel in different stages.

Weekly, within a period of 3 months, 1, people were invited to take part in a survey and different survey designs were shown to them at random. Thus data from more than 20, participants, which vary in terms of Internet experience, interview experience, gender, age and time of membership, is available. The result of the study confirmed the thesis of the authors: the visualisation of question types and screen pages influences the answer behaviour in online surveys.

On the basis of the results the authors set up a list of recommendations for the visualisation of question types and screen pages. Die Autoren dieser Untersuchung gehen davon aus, dass die Wahl der Fragetypen und die Gestaltung der Bildschirmseiten einen messbaren Effekt auf das Antwortverhalten haben. Somit liegen Daten von ca. This presentation focuses on the description of the methodical procedure of the study.

Initially the multi-tier software-architecture of the OPAC is briefly shown. The original web server log was expanded to provide additional fields for data acquisition. Relevant data sets were identified by the referrer field.

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Even dropped data sets were used to gather additional information about OPAC usage e. Dispensable data fields were purged from the resulting data sets, others were transformed e. Using this data base upcoming questions e. Another approach based on session analysis dealt with the question how users coped with huge result sets. Suche in web-basierten Bibliothekskatalogen — eine quantitative Untersuchung mittels Logfile-Analyse Abstract Deutsch: Im Vortrag wird eine Studie zum Suchverhalten von Studierenden und Wissenschaftlern in Bibliothekskatalogen vorgestellt.

Diese quantitative Untersuchung basiert auf den Suchanfragen an die Online-Kataloge der Freiburger Hochschulbibliotheken. Deeplinks, Aufrufe durch Suchmaschinen-Robots. Mithilfe dieser Datenbank werden u. Eine weitere session-basierte Auswertung lieferte Informationen zum Umgang der Benutzer mit hohen Trefferzahlen. Users posed their questions publicly to the candidates who could then answer the questions online. Thus, voters were able to get a valuable impression about their candidates. From its first day online August 3rd, kandidatenwatch.

Various media stories originate from questions and answers on kandidatenwatch. During the last week of the project we ran a user survey — which more than users participated in. We also conducted a survey among the candidates. After presenting kandidatenwatch. Finally, we will discuss further ways of research to capture the political effects that kandidatenwatch.


Situational arrangements in mobile communication: a case study of the usage of mobile phones in a university library Abstract English: Situational arrangements in mobile communication: a case study of the usage of mobile phones in a university library Joachim R. Whereby this comes along with societal changes on various levels it in the first instance means that people have to find new agreements regarding the question in which types of social situations which types of communicative activities mediated or face-to-face are acceptable or not. Do we violate the rules of adequate behaviour when our mobile phone rings in a restaurant?

Is it impolite to send and receive electronic short messages SMS in the presence of others? In our presentation we will especially focus on a social setting which is increasingly confronted with such mobile phone related disturbances, namely public libraries, more precisely the library of the University of Erfurt.

Based on a multi-methodological research design qualitative in-depth interviews, participant observations and standardised questionnaires we will explore how mobile phones and other mobile devices such as laptops, BlackBerries, etc. Literature: Fortunati, Leopoldina : The Mobile phone and self-presentation. Goffman, Erving : Relations in Public. Microstudies of the Public Order. Harmondsworth: Pinguin Book. Essays on Society, Self and Politics. Vienna: Passagen Verlag, pp. Krotz, Friedrich : Die Mediatisierung kommunikativen Handelns.

Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag. Social and Interactional Aspects of the Mobile Age.